Anti-oxidation conductive fabric anti-theft fabric anti-scan fabric electromagnetic shielding fabric

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Anti-oxidation conductive cloth / anti-scan cloth / electromagnetic shielding cloth

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • moistureproof
  • Drop shock
  • dust
  • Resistant to cold and sun
  • The corrosion resistance

Product Details

Electromagnetic shielding cloth anti-oxidation conductive cloth anti-radiation fabric anti-radiation lining RFID anti-theft brush lining cloth

Specification: 1080 mm / 1100 mm

Bare cloth: 300m-550m per branch

Thickness: 0.08 mm to 0.085 mm

Color: silver gray

Shielding effectiveness: 70-90dB

The surface resistance: 0.05 Ω or less

Application: electromagnetic shielding, conductive, flexible circuit, base station, electronic chassis, power supply, industrial equipment, electronic products, mobile communication equipment; Card bags, luggage, clothing, household items.

Dongguan Taikun Precision Materials Technology Co. , Ltd.

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