RFID Anti-magnetic lining

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Anti-magnetic lining / Electromagnetic shielding fabric / shielding fabric

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Five Advantages Of Products

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  • Price advantage
  • The product is of good quality
  • Antimagnetism
  • Anti theft brush

Product Details

Specification: 1080mm/1100mm/1380mm

Thickness: 0.03 mm to 0.12 mm

Colour: silver grey/black

Grain: plain, square, diamond

Shielding efficiency: 70-90db

Surface resistance: 0.05Ω

Properties: electromagnetic shielding, electric conduction, radiation protection;

Application: electronic products, mobile communication equipment, electronic equipment;

Card bag, wallet, suitcase, handbag;

Clothing, household items;

Tent, shielding test room;

Medical equipment, medical supplies.

Purchase information: the material is coil material, 1.08M 1.1m. The length of each roll is 300-550m, and it can be rolled. The freight is not included when the length is below 200M, starting from 10 yuan within the province and 20 yuan outside the province.


Ingredient: base material /Ni+Cu+Ni


(1) appearance: smooth surface, metallic luster and basically the same color;


(1) screen:10kHz-3GHz

(2) shielding effect: effective shielding of electromagnetic radiation, the screen value up to 99.999(%).

(3) good electrical conductivity and shielding effect

(4) good thermal conductivity

(5) good ductility

6) easy to cut, die-cutting processing

(7) good corrosion resistance and weather resistance

8) good anti-friction performance, anti-friction times up to 5,000, 000 times






(1) used for making radiation protection clothing, radiation protection curtain, radiation protection mobile phone bag, radiation protection computer cover, host case cover, etc.

(2) widely used in the production of RFID anti-theft wallet, card bag, outdoor Fanny pack, passport cover, etc.

(3) effective shielding for high frequency electromagnetic radiation: for example, industrial high frequency furnace, mobile communications, computers, household appliances, transmitting stations, medical devices and other industries. Replace copper plate, lead plate production of high frequency electromagnetic shielding room, affordable, simple production, good shielding effect.

(4) for high level electromagnetic shielding: for example, control space electromagnetic interference, prevent electronic information leakage, ensure information security; Suitable for field operations, electronic defense and other requirements.

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